New updates in the Campus Solutions Academic WorkCentre

May 17th, 2021

Campus Solutions has been updated to enhance the user experience, including changes to make the system faster and more responsive.

A summary of updates is provided below, along with short videos that clearly explain the changes.

Students with multiple records

Some students have multiple records with different ID numbers in Campus Solutions. Where this is the case, typically one record is the applicant record and the other is the main student record once a student has commenced their studies.

We are working to resolve this issue for students that will be starting from 2021/22, so all students will only have one record in the system. In the meantime, if you open a record that is not an individual’s main student record, a new pop-up message will appear advising you of this.

If you are an academic colleague who has an association with a student in the system, such as a personal tutor, you will continue to be associated with the main student record.

Watch the following video for more information:

Viewing accommodations and non-term time contact details

Academic colleagues can search for any student that is currently studying at the university in Campus Solutions, but will only be able to view a student’s accommodations and non-term time contact details if you have an association with the student, such as Personal Tutor.

If you do not have an association with a student and you click on the ‘Personal Information’ tab, a new pop-up message will soon advise you that you are not authorised to view the information (coming in the middle of May).

Find out more in the following video:

If you cannot view students in the Academic WorkCentre that you are associated with, please complete the relevant support request form (login required):

Coming soon – viewing marks in the Academic WorkCentre

We have commenced work to make marks visible in the Academic WorkCentre. We look forward to providing you with further information about this change soon.

Training and guidance for Campus Solutions can be found on the Training Workspace site.


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