New university senior tutor and deputy university senior tutor

October 26th, 2022

Following an internal recruitment process, Andy Fisher, Professor of Philosophy and former deputy senior tutor, has been appointed as the new university senior tutor. Andy is joined by Amanda Crompton, Associate Professor in the Business School, who has been appointed as the new deputy university senior tutor.

Andy succeeds Pam Hagan, who has held the position since 2015 and received a Vice-Chancellor’s Medal for her contributions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In their new roles, Andy and Amanda will be working closely with the university’s Teaching and Learning Committee and colleagues in Student and Campus Life. They will lead the Senior Tutors’ Network and provide academic leadership for the development of the Student Engagement Dashboard and the pastoral and welfare support that underpins it.

Andy and Amanda have already introduced a Senior Tutor Steering Group, which will provide an agile way of informing university decisions around tutoring. They hope to introduce further reforms, including:

  • Professionalising tutoring
  • Better recognising tutorial work in promotion criteria
  • Reviewing how the university rewards and recognises tutoring – including workload allocation
  • Introducing external accreditation for tutoring
  • Encouraging evidence-based decisions around tutoring
  • Running a yearly research-led tutoring workshop
  • Rethinking and standardising the way tutoring is understood and delivered across all three campuses

Alongside the delivery of personal tutoring and student support and development, Andy and Amanda will lead the Senior Tutor Network (STN), arranging the delivery of appropriate training, and ensuring that all schools and departments meet or exceed the requirements set out in the Quality Manual.

Their work will support the Education and Student Experience Strategic Delivery Plan and contribute to Educational Enhancement and Assurance Reviews, partnering with Professional Services units, the Students’ Union, and sabbatical officers, as well as with colleagues at UNM and UNNC.

Mark Bradley, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Teaching and Curriculum Leadership), said: “Tutoring, pastoral support and welfare are crucial areas of student life and we need to ensure we are delivering the best experience we can for our students. Andy and Amanda bring with them a wealth of knowledge and understanding about best practice in this area and, under their leadership, the university is well-equipped to make a step change in this space.”

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