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New staff-focused NOOC announced

May 15th, 2017

A new Nottingham Open Online Course (NOOC) will be launched this month, designed especially for staff working in professional services across the University, in Malaysia, China and the UK.

The course, ‘Competition and Collaboration: Working in the University of Today’, covers the ways in which the University works particularly in the context of contemporary universities. It also explores what it means to work at a leading global university and describes how gaining a better understanding of professional behaviours can help with developing careers.

The course begins with an overview of universities and an insight into how they work. It continues with the role of professional services, the regulations that govern us, how our large numbers of staff collaborate and work together and the challenges that face the University as we look forward to 2020 and beyond.

One of the really important elements of the course will be the opportunity to work with, learn from and collaborate with colleagues from across all of our campuses. The first NOOC run by the University, which focused on Sustainability, attracted hundreds of staff and students from the UK, China and Malaysia who engaged enthusiastically with its contents.

An earlier version of the new ‘Competition and Collaboration‘ NOOC was run in 2014 under the name ‘The Changing University: Inside Nottingham‘. Though there is some overlap of material, the two courses are distinct and those who carried out the earlier course will still find the new course of interest.

Whilst ‘Competition and Collaboration’ is intended just for staff working in professional services and not students, we are really hoping for similar levels of participation and engagement across the campuses. The course takes place entirely online over four weeks, commencing Tuesday 30 May. It is run via Moodle, the University’s online learning platform and it’s anticipated that a maximum of 2-3 hours will be needed per week to complete the course.

You can find full details of the new NOOC, including information on how to take part, at Moodle.

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