New resources to help you get the best from your staff

April 30th, 2018

The success of the University depends on getting the best from our people, and one way we do this is through effective performance management.

To help you enhance the performance of your staff, the Leadership and Management Academy, in collaboration with staff from across the University, has developed a new suite of online learning resources to help everyone get better at performance management. These resources are available to all staff at UK campuses of the University.

You can access these resources now on the LMA Hub.

Performance management is about more than an annual discussion, it’s about ongoing conversations that help to develop and improve performance throughout the year. Good performance management is about how you get the best out of everyone on your team. In the resources you’ll find practical guides, tips and information to help you with ongoing performance management, as well as videos and eLearning scenarios to help you put these ideas into practice.

The innovative design of these resources puts you in control. If you’ve got two minutes you can download the key essentials, or perhaps a conversation guide. If you’ve got a little longer you can watch a video where people from across the University share their experience and expertise, or you can practice your skills using the scenario based eLearning. You can learn how you want to learn, in the time that you have available to you.

This learning has been created through co-creation, with staff from across the University feeding back on and contributing to each stage of development to ensure that it is relevant and effective for everyone. It can also grow from here, so if you have a perspective that you think would add to the relevance and usefulness of the resources please get in touch with Richard Sanderson to discuss this further.

Access the suite of online learning and much more — including our development programmes, coaching and mentoring offers, and further online learning resources — on the LMA Hub.

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