New Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard policy launched

June 10th, 2024

The university has launched a new policy to ensure our compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). 

The PCI-DSS is a set of global security standards that organisations must follow to protect sensitive payment card information from theft and fraud.  

As the University of Nottingham processes and transmits payment card data, we are required to comply with PCI-DSS to protect our students, staff, and customers’ payment card information. 

Non-compliance with PCI-DSS can result in significant financial penalties, reputational damage, loss of trust from our stakeholders and the removal of the facility to receive card payments. 

The university’s new PCI-DSS Policy outlines the steps we are taking to comply with PCI-DSS requirements and protect payment card information.  

By implementing this policy, the university is demonstrating our commitment to data security, risk management, and the protection of our community’s sensitive information.  

The policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure ongoing compliance with PCI-DSS standards and best practices in payment card security. 

You can find the policy using the university’s Policy Finder tool here. 

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