New Information Security Modules

February 3rd, 2020

To help us all to protect the data we handle, we are continuing our compulsory information security awareness training for all UK-based staff.

On Monday 10 February you will receive an email from “UoN Information Security” with a safe link to the training modules.

There are three modules: spotting phish emails on a mobile device; using USB sticks securely; and handling personal data.

Staff who joined the University since we ran the previous modules (summer 2019) will also have a module on GDPR, and an introduction to phishing.

The total viewing time is about 15 minutes each module, depending on how much you already know about the subject. The modules can be watched separately or together and each one ends with a quiz.

It’s compulsory for all staff at our UK campuses to complete the modules and they will be available until Friday 1 May.

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