New Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) form and guidance

May 20th, 2024

Following a review of the Equality Impact Assessment process as part of the HR Transformation Programme, a new Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) form and refreshed guidance on the EIA process have been developed in order to create a more user-friendly process. 

What are Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) and why do we do them?

An Equality Impact Assessment is a process of collaborative reflection which leads to a written record of the considerations that have been given to the impact on people with protected characteristics and the actions to be taken to mitigate any negative impact.   

The university is a strong supporter of equality, diversity, and inclusion for all of our students, staff, visitors, and others, in everything we do.

An important part of our work in this area is in the completion of Equality Impact Assessments.   


Training and support will be available to anyone responsible for the completion and sign-off of Equality Impact Assessments, including accountable persons (project sponsors, those responsible for signing off EIAs) and assessment coordinators (all staff involved in completing EIAs).    

The training provision for EIAs is currently under development and more information will be added to this page shortly. 

Submitting EIAs

Completed EIA forms should now be submitted to the Organisational Development Team using this EIA submission form.  

EIAs which have been previously submitted, reviewed and updated should be resubmitted to the Organisational Development Team using this EIA enquiry and resubmission form. 

More information

More information on Equality Impact Assessments and links to the new form and guidance can be found on the EIA SharePoint site. 

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