New Covid-safety resources for staff

September 20th, 2021

A new set of posters, lecture slides, and digital messages have been developed for staff to use in order to help ensure students are clear on the behaviours we expect from them.

In addition, the Estates team are continuing to add Covid-safety signage to entrances and busy areas of all buildings as well as across digital screens on campus.

The new suite of digital material is available to download now from the Safety on Campus Sharepoint site. Please make sure these messages are visible and clearly understood in your own teaching, research and working areas, as well as Faculties, Schools, and Professional Services areas, where appropriate.

In particular, new resources on the wearing of face coverings have been created – including posters for classrooms – which advise that face coverings are expected and recommended wherever these posters are displayed.

Academic colleagues taking part in online lectures are also being asked to display a new message explaining the university’s stance on in-person teaching this semester.

The new PowerPoint slide can be downloaded below and is intended to be displayed in the first few minutes of an online lecture while students are joining and waiting for teaching to begin.

The message lets students know that most large-group teaching, particularly lectures, will continue to be delivered online – while reassuring them that our intention is to resume most large-group teaching in-person from Semester 2.

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