New cost-of-living report launched by Students’ Union

June 1st, 2023

The Students’ Union has launched a new report into the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on the Nottingham student community.  

The report shares the experiences of students across the institution, and outlines recommendations to improve the services and support available to students, in the institution and beyond.  

Students told researchers how the cost-of-living crisis had affected their studies, mental and physical health and wellbeing, social lives and relationships. This included:  

  • struggling to afford groceries after paying bills and rent 
  • an increase in stress and anxiety over cost-of-living issues, including being unable to afford heating 
  • shifting focus from studies to managing finances 
  • being unable to find paid work that fits around studies or placements 
  • reducing or cutting out social activities 

Launching the report to staff and students at the university, SU Community Officer Daisy Forster said:  

“We’ve known that the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact on students for a while, but this report shines a light on the depth and breadth of struggles that UoN students are facing. Conducting the research was an emotional process for all involved and I’m really proud of the piece that we’ve produced and the progress that it will help make.” 

Stephen McAuliffe, the university’s Deputy Registrar, said: “We welcome this report into how the national cost-of-living crisis is affecting our students. All of us have felt the effects over recent years, but it is essential that we understand the different ways that students are particularly impacted, so we can improve our services to better support them.  

“We will explore all the recommendations in this report, using them where appropriate to shape our response to the cost-of-living crisis. This will guide how we to improve and promote our services, and how we continue to work with local and national providers, to ease the burden on our students.  

“I would also encourage students to look over the support currently available at the university, including our Hardship Fund. Help is on hand, and we want to make sure students access everything available to them.” 

The university’s cost of living web pages signpost available support funds, financial advice, access to paid work, access to free period products and free shower and kitchen facilities, and highlighting specific support for vulnerable students.   

University cost of living web pages 

University support fund web pages 

Students’ Union cost-of-living report 

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