Month of the Mind

May 1st, 2018

During May 2018 we will be celebrating our third annual Month of the Mind events programme which focuses on raising awareness around mental health and wellbeing.

1 in 4 people experience mental health issues each year in the UK (NHS England, 2016) but there is still stigma attached to mental illness which means many people avoid getting help.

Universities play an important role in supporting our students to maintain good mental health, as well as supporting employees in a changing and evolving environment.

Schedule of events

This year, our Month of the Mind programme will include:

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
    Throughout May: Various locations
    The Department of Sport is offering a programme of activities throughout the month, including fitness classes, breakfast clubs and mindfulness classes. Sessions will take place across University Park, Jubilee, Sutton Bonington and Kings Meadow Campus and are open to all staff. A small charge will be required to book on to any of these sessions with all proceeds going to the ‘Mind’, a mental health charity.
    Open to all staff.
  • ‘My experience as a transgender woman’ with Jessica Lynn
    6-8:30pm, Tuesday 29 May: A40, Sir Clive Granger Building
    We are delighted to welcome Jessica Lynn, international speaker and outspoken advocate for transgender issues, to the University. Her talk will cover her transition and assorted issues both legal and ethical involving gender identity. She gives her audience an inside look into her psyche before, during and now after her transition, which emboldens the fact that people who transition at an earlier age go on to lead more open, fulfilling lives because of it. Previous audiences have said that Jessica is able to put words to feelings of gender dysphoria that can be otherwise difficult to grasp, from early childhood development onto adulthood. She delves into coping mechanisms, which highlight some of the different forms self-harm can take, and how she found peace ultimately by living in her true gender.
    All staff and students welcome.
  • Leading from the Edge with James Hilton
    1:00-2:30pm, Thursday 24 May: A39 Sir Clive Granger Building
    A talk from James Hilton – a former head teacher and an international writer, author and speaker, who helps people to navigate the stresses and strains of the modern workplace.
    James’ talks are designed to help existing and aspirant leaders to consider the impact of work-related stress within a leadership context. James Hilton talks about the elephant. He shares his leadership story and it’s one, like yours, of managing in turbulent times. James loved his job and he cared greatly. But how do you cope when everything on your ‘to do’ list is ‘urgent’ and ‘important’? James openly talks about his past battles with work related stress and shares some of the coping strategies he learned in his recovery after a period of absence.
    This event is open to University of Nottingham staff only.
  • ‘Anomalisa’ (2015) – Film Screening and Discussion
    6-8pm, Tuesday 15 May: The Screening Room, Hallward Library
    A screening of Anomalisa (2015) followed by a discussion facilitated by Sarah Hinds, Counsellor (University Counselling Service) around the issues presented in the film. Nominated for an Oscar award for ‘Best Animated Feature Film of the Year’ in 2016 and described as ‘A masterpiece’ and ‘The most human film of the year’, Anomalisa is a feature length animated film about Michael Stone, an author that specialises in customer service and a man who is unable to interact deeply with other people. His low sensitivity to excitement, and his lack of interest made him a man with a repetitive life in his own perspective. But, when he went on a business trip, he met a stranger – an extraordinary stranger, which slowly became a cure for his negative view on things who may possibly change his mundane life.
    Rated 15.
    All staff and students welcome.

Don’t miss out

We hope that you enjoy Month of the Mind 2018 and find it interesting, informative and stimulating.

To find out more about the University’s Events Calendar please email the People and Culture team.

For updates throughout the month, please subscribe to the People and Culture blog and follow us on Twitter. For further details of events taking place this month, please visit the University’s Event listings.

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