Lord Dearing Award winners 2019

July 25th, 2019

The winners of the Lord Dearing Awards have been announced for 2019.

The Lord Dearing Award Scheme has, since 1999, acknowledged the world-class contribution made by University staff to creating a learning environment which is nurturing as well as challenging, creative and innovative.

The scheme was supported personally by Ronald Dearing, Lord Dearing the fifth Chancellor of The University of Nottingham, and it has seen more than 100 members of staff receive an award for high quality teaching and the support of learning.

The Awards are held annually, with nominations from staff and students considered in late winter and awards conferred in spring. Awards are given to individuals and teams who have successfully demonstrated the impact of their teaching and learning (and/or associated projects) to enhancing the student experience.

In 2019, 18 individuals and nine teams received Lord Dearing Awards. The full list of recipients can be seen below:


  • Allan Beverley, Life Sciences, UNUK
  • Bell Douglas, Education, UNNC
  • Braithwaite Karen, Veterinary Medicine and Science, UNUK
  • Brignell Chris, Mathematical Sciences, UNUK
  • Brown Ruairidh, Centre for English Language, Education, UNNC
  • Buckland Carl, Classics and Archaeology, UNUK
  • Goodwin Edward, Law, UNUK
  • Janssen Steve, Psychology, UNM
  • Kaliannan Maniam, Business, UNM
  • Kidd Ian, Philosophy, UNUK
  • Le Hang, Business School, UNUK
  • Mareta Sannia, Centre for English Language Education, UNNC
  • Merton Joe, History, UNUK
  • Rodriguez Flores, Sergio, Language Centre, UNNC
  • Sarma   Vengageshvaran, Business, UNM
  • Wapenaar Wendela, Veterinary Medicine and Science, UNUK
  • Webster-Deakin Tara, Cultures, Languages and Area Studies, UNUK
  • Welsen Sherif, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, UNNC


  • Advanced Clinical Practice Apprenticeship, Health Sciences, UNUK
  • Agriculture Interactive Learning Activity with Simulation, Bio-Sciences, UNUK
  • Coaching and Support, Centre for English Language Education, UNNC
  • Learning Technologist Team, Education, UNUK
  • NAA IEP, Business, UNNC
  • Open-source Prosthetic and Assistive Devices, Engineering, Health Sciences and Sports Centre, UNUK
  • PGCHE, Education, UNUK
  • Public Health Team, Medicine, UNUK
  • Social Work Teaching Team, Sociology and Social Policy, UNUK

The Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in the Learning Environment — an award first introduced in 2017 to recognise the achievements of an entire School or Department in achieving excellence in the student experience across all its provision — was given to the Student Activity and Innovation Centre, UNNC.

Many congratulations to all of our award winners for 2018. For more information about the Lord Dearing Awards, visit the Professional Development website.

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