Lord Dearing Award winners 2018

March 20th, 2018

The winners of the Lord Dearing Awards have been announced for 2018.

The Lord Dearing Award scheme, which has been running since 1999 and is overseen by the Education and Student Experience Board, recognises staff members’ outstanding contributions to enhancing the student learning environment.

The Awards are held annually, with nominations from staff and students considered in late winter and awards conferred in spring. Awards are given to individuals and teams who have successfully demonstrated the impact of their teaching and learning (and/or associated projects) to enhancing the student experience.

In 2018, 21 individuals and nine teams received Lord Dearing Awards. The full list of recipients can be seen below:


  • Marilena Minoia (Faculty of Arts)
  • Tracey Potts (Faculty of Arts)
  • Melvyn Hemsley (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Charles Heron (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Arthur Jones (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Benjamin Jones (Faculty of Engineering)
  • John Robinson (Faculty of Engineering)
  • Kimberley Edwards (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
  • Roger Kerry (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
  • Tim Coughlin (Faculty of Medine and Health Sciences)
  • Markus Eichhorn (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences)
  • Andrew Armour (Faculty of Science)
  • Tom Wicks (Faculty of Science)
  • Lisa Coneyworth (Faculty of Science)
  • Anne Emerson (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Ben Holland (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Nana Kufour (UNNC)
  • Risky Harisa Haslan (UNMC)
  • Gerard Francis (UNMC)
  • Siew Chen (Mandy) Sim (UNMC)
  • Kang Nee Ting (UNMC)


  • Centre for 3D Design
    (James Hazzledine, Malcolm Dugdale, Tony Lord, Samuel Barker, Scott Wheaver, Ross Clarke)
  • Design Studio Development Team
    (Dr John Owen, Dr David Large, Chris Booker, Paul Antcliff, Prof Sam Kingman)
  • The Politics of Maternity Care Module Team
    (Jo Foster, Kirstie Coolin, Alison Hancock, Suzanna Britt, Helen Spiby, Jacqui Williams, Kim Russell, Julia Allison, Amanda Wain)
  • Student Placements Team
    (Diane Hill, Mandy Edwards)
  • The Behaviour Ecology Field Course Team
    (Dr Tom Reader, Prof Jerzy Behnke, Dr Kate Durrant, Dr Markus Eichhorn, Dr David Feary, Prof Francis Gilbert, Jamie Jowett, Bernadette Hepworth, Anne Lowe)
  • Enterprise for Chemists
    (Dr Trevor Farren, Prof Steve Howdle, Prof Simon Mosey, Dr Nick Bennett, Dr Sian Masson, Dr Joe Dawson, Dr George Marshall, Anna Cox)
  • The Global Mentorship Programme
    (Xuan Feng, Fiona Hei, Mira Huang)
  • Library, Research and Learning Resources (LRLR)
    (May Yan, Daniel Dai, Sherry Wei, Tony Lin, Anna Wang, Jane Chen, Claire Qui, Lulu Qui, Daisy Li, Linger Li, Fenglian Liu, Jumei Zhang, Shelley Jiang, Michelle Zheng, Roger Zhang, Della Chen, Tifanny Yu, Chao Meng, Yvonne Wang, Tryphena Tan, Ivy Ma, Clayton Austin, Rena Yao, Neil Smyth, Elsie Zhou)
  • Virtual Reality (VR) for Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Engineering Education
    (Dr Jing-Ying Wong, Prof Andy Chan Tak Yee, Dr Su Ting Yong, Dr Sien Ti Kok).

The Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in the Learning Environment — an award first introduced in 2017 to recognise the achievements of an entire School or Department in achieving excellence in the student experience across all its provision — was given to the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Team.

Many congratulations to all of our award winners for 2018. All award winners will receive their certificate at their School’s graduation ceremony.

For more information about the Lord Dearing Awards, visit the Professional Development website.

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