Lord Dearing Award winners 2017

July 31st, 2017

The winners of the Lord Dearing Awards — which recognise staff members’ outstanding contributions to enhancing the student learning environment — have been announced for 2017.

The Dearing Award Scheme has been running since 1999 and is overseen by Teaching and Learning Board. The judging panel is made up of senior colleagues from across the University, Vice-Provosts for Teaching & Learning from UNNC and UNMC and officers of the Students’ Union, and is chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education and Student Experience.

In 2017, 26 individuals and 6 teams won the awards, with the panel commending all of the winners for the quality of teaching and commitment.

Also featured was a new award for 2017: the Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in the Learning Environment, which is given to Schools. This year, it was awarded to the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Congratulations to all of our award winners for 2017! The full list of recipients can be seen below:

  • Elizabeth Evans, Faculty of Arts
  • Manuel Lagares, Faculty of Arts
  • Mark Jago, Faculty of Arts
  • Davide De Focatiis, Faculty of Engineering
  • Georgios Dimitrakis, Faculty of Engineering
  • Steve Greedy, Faculty of Engineering
  • Rachel Louise Gomes, Faculty of Engineering
  • Roderick MacKenzie, Faculty of Engineering
  • Gary England, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Simone de Brot, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Samantha Crossley, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Rachel Best, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Catrin Rutland, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • William Dunn, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Richard Payne, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Allan Swaby, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Elizabeth Fowler, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • John Harris, Faculty of Science
  • Steven Bagley, Faculty of Science
  • Kirsten Greenhalgh, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Stewart McWilliam, UNMC
  • Frithjof Arp, UNNC
  • Ernest Southworth, UNNC
  • Dave Towey, UNNC
  • Thomas Birtch, UNNC
  • Katy McKenzie, Faculty of Engineering
  • Team: CLAS Year Abroad.
    Team members: Cecile Lancashire Michaela Treis-Goodwin Irma Van-Dijk Sarah Wilson, Faculty of Arts
  • Team: Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Module.
    Team members: Dr Jan Royal-Fearn Dr Roger Kerry, MHS
  • Team: The SVMS Welfare.
    Team members: Ali Curzon Victoria Doggett Jo Flewitt Dr Julia Kydd Dr Mike Targett Dr Sabine Totmeyer, MHS
  • Team: Non-Medical Prescribing.
    Team members: Dr Dianne Bowskill Dr Alison Mostyn Professor Joanne Lymn Dr Sharon Rees, MHS
  • Team: School of International Communications.
    Team members:  Paul Martin, Filippo Gilardi, Shixin Ivy Zhang, Melissa Shani Brown, David Fleming, UNNC
  • Team: University of Nottingham/GlaxoSmithKline Undergraduate Chemistry Drug Discovery Team.
    Team members: Thomas McInally Simon Macdonald, Faculty of Science
  • Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in the Learning Environment: The School of Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science

For more information about the Lord Dearing Awards, visit the Professional Development website.

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