Long Service Awards at University Park honour colleagues of 25+ years

The annual Long Service Awards held on our University Park campus celebrate the commitment and contribution of staff marking 25 and 40 years of working for the University, and those retiring under the Long Service criteria.

Dan Duthie, Medicine, and Rebecca Disney-Scott, Student Service Delivery, receive their awards from Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West.

The 2017 ceremony took place on Wednesday 29 November, and recognised the contributions the below members of staff have made to the University community.

Many congratulations are extended to all of the following colleagues:

40 years’ service

  • Mr Neil Barnes, Chemistry
  • Mr Ian Conway, Geography
  • Mr Dan Duthie, Medicine
  • Mrs Angela Johnston, IT Service Delivery (Global)
  • Professor Ian Macdonald, Life Sciences
  • Mr Ian Swindelhurst, IT Service Delivery (Global)
  • Mr Michael Baker, Bio-Support Unit
  • Mr Michael Coleman, Estate Office
  • Professor Gregory Tucker, Biosciences

25 years’ service

  • Professor Shaaron Ainsworth, Education
  • Professor Anthony Avery, Medicine
  • Professor John Barrett, Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr A J Bennett, Life Sciences
  • Dr Sue Cooper, Medicine
  • Dr Cristina De Matteis, Pharmacy
  • Professor Matthew Dickinson, Biosciences
  • Ms Rebecca Disney-Scott, Student Service Delivery
  • Mr Rod Dykeman, Engineering
  • Dr Joel Feinstein, Mathematical Sciences
  • Mrs Rachel French, Libraries & RLR
  • Miss Patricia Gretton, Estate Office
  • Miss Fiona Hayes, Student Service Delivery
  • Dr John Horton, Libraries & RLR
  • Mr Gary Jepson, Estate Office
  • Professor Sarah Lewis, Medicine
  • Dr Richard Masterman, Vice-Chancellor’s Office
  • Professor Paul Mizen, Economics
  • Professor Kevin Morgan, Life Sciences
  • Mrs Susan Morgan, Nottingham University Business School
  • Dr Stephen Ramsden, Biosciences
  • Mrs Lesley Randall, Medicine
  • Mrs Heleanor Redford, Financial Operations
  • Professor Saffa Riffat, Engineering
  • Miss Tanya Robinson, Human Resources
  • Mr Rory Screaton, Engineering
  • Dr Susanne Seymour, Geography
  • Professor Ian Shaw, Sociology & Social Policy
  • Mrs Julie Smith, External Relations
  • Dr Ian Spendlove, Medicine
  • Mr Raymond Sturman, Estate Office
  • Dr Nick Thom, Engineering
  • Mrs Julie Thomas, Vice-Chancellor’s Office
  • Mrs Julie Wainwright, Student Service Development
  • Mr Ian Ward, Life Sciences
  • Professor Charles Watkins, Geography
  • Mr Phillip Weller, Humanities
  • Ms Susan Margaret Whittingham, Medicine
  • Mrs Gillian Bancroft, Estate Office
  • Professor David Brook, Life Sciences
  • Mr Christopher Charity, Financial Operations
  • Dr William Dunn, Life Sciences
  • Professor Amanda Griffiths, Medicine
  • Professor Josephine Guy, English
  • Dr Phil Hill, Biosciences
  • Dr Robert Linforth, Biosciences
  • Professor Graham McCartney, Engineering
  • Mrs Diane Mitchell, Life Sciences
  • Ms Sue Parker, Sociology & Social Policy
  • Professor Katherine Reid, Chemistry
  • Dr Chung See, Engineering
  • Dr Paul Smith, Cultures, Languages & Area Studies
  • Mrs Denise Summerton, Libraries & RLR
  • Dr Walid Tizani, Engineering
  • Mr Stephen Vernon, IT Service Delivery (Global)
  • Mrs Jill Wright, Halls Management Division (NH)

Retiring under Long Service criteria

  • Mrs Roseann Mundell, Physics & Astronomy (26 years)
  • Professor Sir David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor’s Office (30 years)
  • Dr Stephen Hibberd, Mathematical Sciences (37 years)
  • Professor Nigel Gravells, Law (38 years)
  • Professor Paul Shayler, Engineering (39 years)
  • Dr Ian Duce, Life Sciences (40 years)
  • Mr John Middleton, Physics & Astronomy (41 years)
  • Dr Kamlash Kaur, Medicine
  • Dr Jeffery Wright, Medicine (43 years)

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February 8th, 2018 at 11:39 am

Shelly Rigby

Why can’t the Long Service awards be given to those who have split employment? I worked for the University for 18 years, then had a 5 year gap (made redundant by the University). I’ve now done a further 12 years, so have done 30 years in total, but never received a Long Service award.

February 9th, 2018 at 10:45 am

Dan Duthie

I agree Shelly. Although I received my award for 40 years service I have actually worked for the UoN for over 47 years having left for 5 months during 1977.

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