Learning technology tools for engaging students: webinars

January 31st, 2023

A new iTeach Webinar series (Engaging students with…) has been announced focusing on learning technology tools for engaging students. See below for dates in January and February.

Activities that will be covered include Echo360, Moodle Choice and Quiz, MS Forms and Polls, Xerte and H5P.

Participants are invited to experience each activity as though they are a student, followed by an optional hands-on session to try out anything they have seen.

The iTeach series of webinars are brought to you by Learning Technologies in collaboration with Cecilia Goria (Arts Digital Learning Director). ​​​​​​​

Each session will be introduced by Cecilia Goria who will provide insights into the pedagogy for the techniques that will be demonstrated and what students have told us about their experiences of taking part.

Full series and booking links:

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