Launch of Covid-19 test booking service for students

November 24th, 2020

The University’s system for students to book a test to check whether they might be carrying Covid-19 is now live.

Taking a test is part of the step-by-step process the University has set out in order to support Government guidance for Winter Departures.

Even though students may feel perfectly fine, it is possible they may have the virus without any symptoms. In taking a test they will be helping to limit the spread of the virus and reduce the risk of infecting friends, loved ones and others on leaving campus.

There are two different types of asymptomatic tests available at the University. The website above sets out the differences between each test, how many are required and when they are available. Tests should only be booked through the University for those who are asymptomatic (not showing any symptoms of the virus).

When booking a test, students are asked to make sure that this doesn’t compromise their ability to complete an online assessment or engage with a required face-to-face or online session.

If a student receives a negative result, they should continue their departure plans. If they receive a positive result, they should take an NHS test, also known as a confirmatory Pillar 2 test, and will need to isolate in their accommodation for at least 10 days. They must also notify the University under the Isolate, Notify, Test process so they can be supported during this period.

We will be writing to all PGR students later to this week to update them on plans.

To help us manage a staggered and safe departure for those who have chosen to return home for the break, students have also been asked to complete a survey about their plans. This also ensures we have support and welfare in place for those who remain in Nottingham.

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