Investment on University Park campus: spring – autumn 2024

March 27th, 2024

The university is making major investments to its estate and infrastructure this Spring, Summer and into early Autumn to bring real improvements in our buildings to the benefit of both students and staff.

The first major improvement is to the heating system, to improve the reliability and reduce carbon emissions on University Park.

We are going to create a Low-Carbon Energy Centre on University Park which uses energy from deep underground in the form of an open loop water source heat pump to supply the Law and Social Science and Hallward Library buildings.

As part of this we are going to make improvements to ventilation systems and install new windows in the Law and Social Sciences building.

This will start in Spring 2024 and be completed Winter 2025. The current heating system will be kept going until new works are completed.

At the same time, we will install new single-source heating to Sir Clive Granger, Trent and Portland Buildings. This work will start in Spring 2024 and be complete by October 2024.

Alongside this we will also initiate a programme of roof replacements at Sir Clive Granger, Portland Building, Pharmacy and Psychology to address the issues we have faced in recent months and to ensure long-term protection for our occupants, buildings, and contents.

All this activity is essential and will have a hugely positive impact for heating reliability, building conditions and help reduce long-term costs of operating buildings on University Park.

However, such large works will mean significant disruption to the central areas of University Park from when the projects start in April 2024, through to their expected completion in winter 2025.

Further detail on the individual elements of these projects will be provided as they begin, and we will work closely with the impacted schools, faculties, and teams to ensure disruption is minimised.

Timeline of key activity

Energy Centre:

  • Starts April 2024 and completes Winter 2025
  • Window replacement at LaSS Spring to October 2024
  • Improvements to ventilation in Hallward Summer 2024.

Sir Clive Granger – starts April 2024:

  • New heat source
  • Roof

Trent Building – starts April l2024:

  • New heat source

Portland Building – starts April 2024:

  • New heat source
  • Roof

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