Introducing open conversations

March 25th, 2024

If you would like to learn more about open conversations and how all conversations can be approached in an open inclusive manner, then this session is for you.  

Join the Organisational Development team for an interactive workshop on open conversations and the opportunities for approaching the conversations we have using the principles of an open conversation.  

Open Conversations are at the heart of the culture we want to see thrive and these introductory workshops are the start of a programme of activity to support the growth and development of open conversations across the university.    

What is an open conversation?

An open conversation is a spoken interaction between two or more people, where those engaged in the conversation feel safe and able to contribute or raise relevant ideas, questions or concerns.  An Open Conversation includes any or all of the following behaviours and actions:   

  • based on empathetic listening.   
  • where questions are used to explore and build understanding.   
  • non-judgemental.   
  • where not having an answer provides for the foundations of exploring and developing solutions.   
  • being comfortable and open with not knowing.  
  • empowering others to learn and develop and make decisions.    
  • believing in the ability of the individual to solve problems and find solutions for themselves.   

Session dates, times and location  

The sessions will be online via Teams on the following dates and times:  

  • Wednesday 27 March 2024, from 10am – 11.15am
  • Wednesday 10 April 2024, from 10am – 11am

Book your place on an upcoming session here.  

Session outcomes  

  • Create a common understanding of what an open conversation is.    
  • Build awareness of the benefits of open conversations and how all staff should feel empowered to have them.   
  • Gain clarity of conditions and culture that support and promote open conversations.    
  • Develop understanding of the opportunities for open conversations and the skills and behaviours to have one.   
  • Understanding the role we all play in having and supporting an open conversation.  

Who is the session for?  

Anyone who is interested to learn more about open conversations, what they are and the programme of activity that will support the growth.  

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