Internal Coach Pool now recruiting

November 18th, 2022

The Leadership and Management Academy is delighted to announce that applications for the Level 5 Excelling in Coaching Apprenticeship are open.

All permanently contracted staff from Professional Services Departments, Faculties and Schools and all job levels, from any job family can apply. We are particularly keen to expand the diversity of our coach pool, so would encourage those with protected characteristics to apply.

What does the Internal Coach Pool involve?

The Internal Coach Pool currently comprises a group of around 40 staff who are fully qualified to deliver coaching to staff across the University to help them achieve their goals within their roles.

We currently have 28 staff in training for the Level 5 Excelling in Coaching apprenticeship. You can view the full learning standards here Apprenticeship Coaching Professional (Level 5)

Why coaching?

Coaching is an effective way to help individuals discover their strengths, perform at their best and make decisions about their career that support their well-being and aspirations.

Here at the University of Nottingham coaching is an established part of the strategic approach to leadership, management and staff development.

By completing this qualification and becoming a member of the internal coach pool you will benefit from personal development as well as being able to have more of an impact in your work area as well as contributing towards our university Strategy of helping others achieve their full potential.

The Internal Coach Pool is supported by the university’s Leadership and Management Team and the Coaching Community of Practice.

How can I apply?

All permanent contracted members of staff in the university are eligible to complete an application form to become a coach in the Internal Coach Pool, regardless of their job family or level.

We encourage applications from the wide University population and recognise a range of skills and talent in our workforce.

Applicants must feel comfortable with the prospect of coaching people who may be working in a different area to themselves. Places are limited, so completing a application form is not a guarantee of a place on the programme and a shortlisting process will take place if we have more applications than there are places.

We will work closely with Senior Management Teams (SMTs) to reviewing applications from people from within their teams.  This is a demanding course with a number of commitments that must be carried out within working hours and so please discuss and gain full approval from your line manager prior to submitting your application.

You need to make sure you have support to dedicate the hours required to complete the programme, as well as the on-going coaching commitment in future years. The LMA will also ask a nominated Senior Manager from your work area to approve should you be shortlisted for a place on the course.

Full details on the requirements of the programme can be found here: Coaching Programme 2023 – 24

The deadline for applications to be agreed and submitted is 9 January 2023.

Successful nominees will commence training towards their L5 qualification in April 2023 with an onboarding process starting in February 2023.  They will be matched with their first coachees to work with as part of the programme in May – June 2023.

More information, all important documentation including the application form are available on the LMA Hub.

You can also contact Ruth Francis, Learning and Development Manager for any further information.

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