Improvements to Academic WorkCentre: full mark report history now available

November 15th, 2022

The Education Administration Continuous Improvement Team (EACIT) have made changes to the functionality of Campus Solutions, adding a new feature that enables access to a student’s full mark history in the Academic WorkCentre.

They received feedback from academic colleagues highlighting that there was a lack of continuity and visibility of students mark history, particularly in instances where the student has either:

  • Progressed onto follow-on study
  • Moved from another campus
  • Transferred programmes

There were understandable concerns that this may hinder the support offered to these students.

What has been done

As a result, the EACIT relocated the ‘Results’ button within the academic WorkCentre to enable you to run a report for each programme related to your student when there are multiple available.

This will save time finding the data required, so that students can be appropriately supported and guided.

Detailed guidance about these reports is available on Workspace.

Please note: These reports contain the latest real-time information from Campus Solutions – it is live. As assessment marks are entered and module marks are calculated in Campus Solutions, the marks shown in the reports will change (after you relaunch a report).

Please bear this in mind during any discussion with individual students, and do not discuss detailed marks unless you are sure that the marks have been approved by an Examination Board and reflect any outcomes of the Examination Board.

This can sometimes take several weeks depending upon the decision and any consequent need to gather further information.

Thank you

The EACIT would like to thank academic colleagues that volunteered their time to provide input into the development of this new feature. Their valuable contributions have enabled us to roll this out to all staff.

Please continue to feedback any problems on the university’s student administration processes and systems to the team here.

Further help

For all Campus Solutions user guides and videos please view the Campus Solutions training Workspace site.

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