Implementation partner for Digital Core project

December 20th, 2021

Subject to Council approval of the final business case, Evosys has been selected as the implementation partner for the university’s new HR, Finance and Procurement software solution (as part of the Digital Core project).   


The HR, Finance and Procurement teams will introduce improved and standardised services, such as the way in which we all book annual leave, book training courses, claim expenses, make purchases, and undertake recruitment, payroll and reporting. These services will be underpinned by a new Oracle Cloud software solution that the implementation partner will deliver.  


The new solution is expected to replace approximately 41 of our existing systems that are outdated and do not integrate well. It will enable us to work with a modern, integrated, reliable and secure software solution that can be accessed from any mobile device.  


Lisa Dearing, School of Humanities Assistant Operations Manager, has been involved in the detailed procurement process: “It should be an easy-to-use solution that supports colleagues in their roles. I’m glad that we’re involved in the Digital Core project from the outset. This means we can identify and mitigate any potential issues before the software solution is rolled out. 

“Many teams at the university have their own way of requesting and recording annual leave. Multiple systems are used to do this. The new software solution is expected to bring us all an easier and consistent way to request, book and track our leave. This is just one example of the benefits the new solution will bring.”   


The Oracle Cloud software solution is used in other organisations and universities as a best practice HR, finance and procurement solution. We are not intending to customise this software solution and we will use it as it is provided (with some configuration) so that we benefit from the built-in best practice processes and ensure the technology and capabilities remain up to date. 


We are expecting Evosys to start as our implementation partner from April 2022. This slightly revised timeline has been agreed to further develop a robust business case that includes a detailed plan for integrating the new software solution and archiving and decommissioning our old systems. We will seek final approval to proceed from Council in March 2022.  


Over the coming months the project team will continue engagement activities to prepare colleagues for the changes that Digital Core will bring. We anticipate starting to use the new software solution later in 2023 and we will provide more details about the rollout timeline when the implementation partner joins us. 


We are very grateful to the many colleagues that contributed to the detailed procurement process to select a partner. We remain committed to listening to you as we prepare to bring the partner on board. Opportunities for input will be highlighted in staff newsletters and various engagement initiatives in early 2022.   


If you have any questions or require further information, please email

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