Hosting meetings, video conferences and broadcasts

June 8th, 2020

In April, Information Services communicated that Zoom should not be used for internal meetings, video conferencing or webinars. There is now updated guidance on what services are available.

Video conferencing and broadcast solutions range from group meetings to webinars and symposiums.

There are a number of services that can be used to host meetings, conferences and broadcasts to internal or external audiences.

Services offered by the University are:

  • Microsoft Teams Meetings
  • Engage (Echo360)
  • Microsoft Live Events
  • StarLeaf Video conferencing suites

For a description of each service, please see the IT Services website.

Each service has multiple use cases and scenarios depending on your desired audience, number of participants, content you wish to present and the level of interactivity.

  • If these services do not meet your requirements, please contact Campus IT support for further advice.

The Virtual Broadcast Group
Since May 2020, Information Services are working with media production specialists from across the University including colleagues from External Relations, Information Services, Learning Content, and Teaching & Learning Technologies. Together they have formed a working group (named Virtual Broadcast Group).

They have been working hard to develop advice, scenarios and good practice to help users’ film and stream their events to audiences.

The group are currently working on the process to request booking a Microsoft Live Event and providing support for University hosted events. Live Events is in an early adoption stage and the working group are prioritising Online Open Days.

You can find out more about the Virtual Broadcast Group on this SharePoint site.

Update on use of Zoom
As previously communicated, the use of Zoom within the University is not recommended because of the security and GDPR issues associate with using the free, non-corporate version.

These risks are lower if you are joining an externally hosted Zoom session where the host has a corporate Zoom licence and has taken steps to secure and control the meeting using joining credentials and passwords.

Information Services always recommend using the in-house services provided by the University with which we have contracts and support arrangements.

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