HEPI report: humanities in the UK today

March 30th, 2023

The Higher Education Policy Institute, in collaboration with the Russell Group’s Pro Vice Chancellors and Deans of Arts and Humanities Network, has published a report on the Humanities in the UK, making the case that the UK is a world leader in the Humanities.

The University’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Arts, Professor Jeremy Gregory is a contributing author to the report which explores what continues to make the Humanities meaningful in the UK , the state of the field in modern Britain, and the support needed from policymakers to ensure they can thrive in the 21st century. 

The report notes shifts in recruitment patterns over the last decade, and argues that a key focus needs to be on connecting the Humanities with STEM disciplines and preserving disciplinary breadth to bring maximum impact for society.

It concludes that the country’s strength in the Humanities is “distinctive, and distinctively potent, one that can and should be at the heart of UK inventions and interventions. If fostered and deployed correctly, this will create an unparalleled opportunity for the UK to contribute to human prosperity.”

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