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GoLive 2: What you need to know

August 21st, 2015

GoLive 2 is the second of three implementation points for the work being carried out by Project Transform. GoLive 1 was successfully implemented on Monday 11 May 2015 and GoLive 2 is scheduled for Monday 28 September 2015. GoLive 3 is scheduled for Monday 1 August 2016.

What is GoLive 2 and who will it impact?

GoLive 2 will affect staff working in CRM and admissions. It will introduce the processes and software solutions for CRM (enquiry management, recruitment events and marketing communications for undergraduate and postgraduate enquirers) and UK undergraduate admissions received through UCAS. This means that all UK campuses will receive all of the above, whereas UNNC and UNMC will receive a slightly softer release relating to CRM processes only. All Schools/Departments not currently using the new enquiries form that was released during GoLive 1 will also receive this. The new processes will be delivered through PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and PeopleSoft CRM, the software purchased by the University, and the specific list of enhancements being introduced can be viewed on the Project Transform Workspace.

With these changes due to be implemented on Monday 28 September 2015, staff will need to undergo training. The training window for UK staff is currently Monday 14 to Friday 25 September and staff that need to attend are those involved in CRM and UCAS undergraduate admissions processes. However, since this is a busy time of year for many staff, there will be some flexibility to the sessions and it is foreseen that e-learning materials will be available prior to classroom training. Colleagues on UNNC are expected to be trained between Wednesday 7 and Friday 9 October and colleagues on UNMC between Monday 12 and Thursday 15 October. Only colleagues working with CRM will be required for the sessions running on UNNC and UNMC.

Colleagues from Project Transform are currently working on the details surrounding training and any staff that need to attend will be contacted in due course.

Where can I find out more about GoLive 2?

More information can be found on the GoLive 2 section of the Project Transform Workspace, which is updated as the project progresses. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then there are a number of people you can speak to. The first point of contact should be the Transform Leaders’ Network representative for your area. If you are still unable to find the answer to your question you can speak to the Transform Business Readiness Manager responsible for your School, Faculty or Department. These are as follows:

Loyin Olotu-Umoren – Medicine and Health Sciences
Christy Bramwell – Social Sciences
Neil Wimbush – Engineering
Taidhgh O’Regan – Science
Sarah Hyde – Arts/Professional Services

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