Explore Britain’s Viking past

November 23rd, 2017

Prepare for a Viking invasion this winter with two unique exhibitions at Lakeside Arts — and a number of exciting associated events.

Over the coming months, Lakeside Arts will be presenting two significant exhibitions which aim to tell a new Viking story, reveal how the Vikings transformed and shaped every aspect of life in Britain and delve deeper into their fascinating world.

The programme builds on numerous University of Nottingham strengths including one of the world’s leading experts on the Vikings, Professor Judith Jesch; the Centre for the Study of the Viking Age; and the University of Nottingham Museum.

There will also be a number of workshops, talks and activity days taking place to support and enhance the exhibitions.

The exhibitions are:

  • Viking: Rediscover the Legend
    Saturday 25 November 2017 – Sunday 4 March 2018
    Djanogly Gallery, Lakeside Arts
    This major touring exhibition aims to depict what the Vikings were actually like rather than simply the popular myths that surround them, and challenge the misconception that they were just violent raiders and warriors.

    It provides new interpretation and a fresh perspective in order to understand what it really meant to be a Viking — bringing together significant Anglo-Saxon and Viking artefacts including some of the most well-known hoards ever discovered in this country.

  • Danelaw Saga: Bringing Vikings Back to the East Midlands
    Friday 15 December 2017 – Sunday 8 April 2018
    Weston Gallery, Lakeside Arts
    Invade, immigrate, integrate, inspire… ‘Danelaw Saga’ tells the tale of how the Vikings shaped the East Midlands.

    Visitors can map the routes of Viking expeditions, view coins brought from the Middle East to the East Midlands, learn about places whose names evoke our Viking past and explore their heritage further with artefacts and jewellery worn by the Viking women that settled here.

    Danelaw Saga will be the first exhibition to explore the considerable Viking influence on the East Midlands and a unique opportunity for visitors to examine Viking influences on the region.

Bringing Vikings Back to the East Midlands

Supporting and enhancing the two exhibitions will be a huge number of talks, workshops and activity days for all ages, including:

Find out more about these events and complete bookings on the the Lakeside Arts website.

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