Upcoming Events - Conferences & workshops

Summer School 2019 – Development Aid and Migration

24 — 28 June 2019

The Human Rights Law Centre Summer School is a unique, expert-led programme and provides participants with the intellectual skills and instruments to understand the complex nexus between development aid, migration policy and food security.

Radical Electric Teaching: A conference and showcase

22 — 23 June 2019

Future innovations in teaching and learning will evolve where new thinking in teaching, new approaches to curriculum design and management, and new technology come together in alignment.

Conference: Translation Technology in Education – Facilitator or Risk?

5 July 2019

What role does translation technology play in Higher Education?

Spotlight on… Lean and agile approaches

19 June 2019

Duncan Young and Jason Phoenix provide practical insights into how to use lean and agile principles in everyday practices at work.

Women Leading Education

7 — 11 July 2019

A group of esteemed scholars from across five continents will present their research in the field of gender and women in educational leadership.