Upcoming Events - Conferences & workshops

Women Leading Education

7 — 11 July 2019

A group of esteemed scholars from across five continents will present their research in the field of gender and women in educational leadership.

Spotlight on… Developing team cohesion and culture

23 May 2019

Carol Steed offers tips, hints and tricks to developing your team’s cohesion and culture.

Spotlight on… Legal and compliance issues

21 March 2019

Kate Gallagher hosts a workshop on the legislative environment in which the University functions, and your obligations as a leader in this environment.

Spotlight on… Performance management conversations

25 February 2019

Peter McCracken, Deputy Director of HR discusses performance management, and how to have effective performance management conversations.

Spotlight on… recruiting new staff

22 January 2019

Our recruitment team host a workshop on attracting and recruiting the best talent, sharing the latest tools, techniques and strategies that are available to you.