ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund now open

October 30th, 2015

The latest funding call for the ESRC Impact Accelerator Fund is now open until 25 November.

ESRC IAA funding will support knowledge exchange and impact activities relating to any area of social science research that is being undertaken within the University. The underpinning research does not have to have been funded by the ESRC. This call will support three funding levels:

  • (A) up to £2,500 to be spent in one year;
  • (B) up to £2,500 per year, for two years;
  • (C) up to £20,000 (strategic project) to be spent in one year

Prospective applicants should contact with a paragraph summarising their project idea to obtain an application form.
More information is available on the ESRC IAA Workspace.

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November 23rd, 2016 at 3:26 am

Munetsi Mandere

Hypothesis/Title: Can Choice and Quality of Institutions Explain Divergent growth and Development? A Comparative Analysis

I want to do empirical studies on the political economy of institutions in a changing world. The study seek to interrogate the claim that institution as defined operationally and functionally (rules or norms, written or unwritten on one part manifesting as politics, customs, culture, regulation and perception) can make the ultimate difference in deciding the extent, period and depth of development and growth of a country or region.

The process will use mixed qualitative approach to explore both primary and secondary material within the target catchment area, period of time and scope.

The hope is to contribute to knowledge in the field of development given that the factors that drive development or business growth are dynamic where key business products of one era may not be central in the next period, and certain catalysts such as political ideology, seaports or security would not be central to growth but new dynamics emerge such as migration, globalisation and nationalistic-centred social service products.

Outcome may aid both political and business public policymaking as well as contributing to dynamic development and growth international debate or search for solutions

November 23rd, 2016 at 9:14 am

Mike Jennings

Thank you for the comment – to apply, please email to request an application form.

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