Ending links with Russia universities – guidance for researchers

March 31st, 2022

Update from Professor Dame Jessica Corner

Following Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West’s announcement on ending all formal links with universities in Russia, colleagues in Research and Innovation have produced guidance for researchers and teams who may be affected by this decision.

It includes advice and support on ending current research projects, bilateral agreements, memoranda of understanding and any projects under development with partners in Russia.

While academic links between universities can be vital in promoting peace and understanding, we felt compelled to act following a statement by the Russian Rector’s Union offering its universities’ unequivocal support for the invasion of Ukraine. You can read a translation here.

I appreciate that this decision may cause disruption to individual programmes and academics, for which I am deeply sorry. But I hope that you will understand why we must act. We will ensure that this action causes the least disruption possible to the academics and students concerned, and will make alternative arrangements to enable their scholarship and study to continue.

REF2021: who should we thank? 

We would like to celebrate colleagues from across the university whose contribution to delivering our REF2021 submission may otherwise go unnoticed.

Please use this form so we can share their stories with our community. These could be technicians, postgraduate research students who supported your research or REF-related activity; APM staff who went the extra mile or academic colleagues who took on extra admin or teaching responsibilities so you could finalise your impact case study.

Looking ahead to REF2021 results 

The results of REF2021 are published on 12 May 2022 and colleagues who supported our submission to Research England are busy preparing for this milestone.

This includes how we will share the results to our university community and most effectively communicate these to our partners and the wider world.

We are drawing together guidance by university, faculty and school – as well as how we will benchmark our performance as an institution.

Read Dame Jessica’s full update

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