Enabling and acting on the People and Culture Survey

April 18th, 2023

The university is running a number of virtual workshops to help line managers and leaders navigate their way through and share results of the upcoming People and Culture Survey.

Workshops have been designed to build on people’s current knowledge of themselves, their teams and the university, encompassing analytics, insights and action.

We will be reviewing, reflecting and working through various models and practical approaches to connecting data, insights and people. The workshops will refer to thought leaders including Simon Sinek, Paul Hershey, Ken Blanchard and Brian R Little, to name a few.

Who are these high-impact workshops for?

If you manage a team at the university, we have developed four virtual workshops to support you as part of a refreshed approach to how we listen to our teams and colleagues.

We have partnered with People Insight, an external research and insight company, to enable us to receive and respond to feedback from our departments in real-time.

We want to make sure that people have the knowledge, information and tools to develop and enhance their leadership and management skills and support our mission to build a culture of success.

Workshops will begin on Tuesday 2 May 2023 and will finish on Friday 26 May 2023. They will prepare people for managing the survey results once they are live and enable line managers and leaders to act on the results.

About the workshops

Workshop one – commencing on Tuesday 2 May 2023
Refresh/learn, how you process and manage data/insights, with the opportunity to view the new ‘voice’ dashboard and management tool.
What you will take away from this session;
• How your brain receives and processes data
• introduction to PI dashboard
• Understanding how your brain filters data, Detailed vs Big Picture

Workshop two – commencing on Monday 8 May 2023
Best practice for sharing and listening to your department/team. Introducing some easy-to-use models to develop high-performing and engaged teams
What you will take away from this session;
• Introduce /refresh 7 habits of highly effective people, trust index, and situational model to support Inclusive Leadership

Workshop three – commencing on Monday 15 May 2023
Refreshing your approach to change, the impact on your department and team, assessing your current Inclusive Leadership approach
What you will take away from this session;
• Clarity on the Kubler Ross model and how it can support team and organisational performance and an introduction to inclusive leadership

Workshop four – commencing on Monday 22 May 2023
Connecting employee voice, management, and outcomes – Group-led case study to utilise and summarise you’re learning.
What you will take away from this session;
• Introduce and work through a case study for leading change. Self-assess current skills/capability as an Inclusive leader and identify 3 skills to develop through peer-to-peer feedback.

Important – What you need to do next

If you manage a team at the university, please book your place on the four different workshops. Upon completing all four, you will receive a certificate.

Each workshop has limited spaces, so please book early to get the date and time that suits you. These will be cross-university groups.

Please bring a journal and pen for the workshops or if you prefer to online journal you can sign up and access Penzu for free here.

As this is virtual learning which will be live, please contact avril.lane1@nottingham.ac.uk if you require help with accessibility.

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