Disruption to University print service

September 11th, 2019

As part of the University print service refresh project, there will be some upcoming disruption as Information Services (IS) upgrade the infrastructure to support the refreshed service.

Disruption is expected to take up to ten days between Thursday 12 and Wednesday 25 September.

From Monday 9 September, IS will be changing the print queues, simplifying names and upgrading the print service websites.

What is changing?

  • Upgrading the Print Credits and Print Pin websites to a new service – there will be some downtime while this takes place
  • Installing new print queues to all University Windows desktops and laptops.
    Four print queues will remain – ‘Mono’, ‘Colour’, ‘Booklet’ and ‘Draft’. The name of the queues will change, for example ‘mono on uiwapeps05’ will become ‘Mono on UoNPrint’
  • Non-Windows and users of desktop phasers will need to update their print settings
  • Some printers will have an updated ‘Scan to Email’ option and ‘Workflow scanning’, this will match the experience found on printers in student areas
  • Fax option is being removed from service

How does this affect users?

For the changes to take place, printers need to be transferred from the old print queues to the new print queues. Disruption is expected to take up to ten days between Thursday 12 and Wednesday 23 September, however work may be completed sooner. A full schedule can be viewed on the Digital Network blog.

During the period of disruption it is advised that all users send documents to both the old and new queues to ensure documents are printed. There will also be limited availability of the mobile print service while printers are transferred.

Taught students and users of mobile print

Printers in student areas will be transferred during the first few days of transition. Mobile print will have limited availability until all printers are transferred to the new service.

Staff, Postgraduate Researcher and Associates

From Thursday 12 September, users with a University Windows desktop, laptop or surface, should restart the device or log out and back in for the new print queues to load. All old queues will remain until all printers have been transferred.

More information

For further information and guides on updating printer settings on staff non-Windows devices or for instructions on printing to a direct printer queue (i.e. desktop phaser), please see this Workspace page.

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