Disability Recognition Month 2023

November 15th, 2023

Each year, the university celebrates Disability Recognition Month. This year, we’re celebrating between Thursday 16 November and Saturday 16 December.

Disability Recognition Month is a time to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contributions of disabled people to British society. It also serves as an opportunity to inspire and empower future work in this area.

This year we would like to amplify our commitment to being an organisation that promotes a social model of disability which includes:

  • Fostering an open, inclusive, and transparent culture
  • Improving awareness and understanding
  • Encouraging disclosure
  • Improving support

Highlights of the month include:

Open Conversations: Our Lived Experience

Monday 27 November 2023, 2pm – 3pm
Katherine Linehan and Claire Jagger have an open conversation about their personal experiences of disability, explore the challenges they have faced and what they have learnt about themselves and others.

This is Us: Disability and the Law

Monday 27 November 2023, all day
The School of Law would like invite students to take part in a poster competition to win Amazon vouchers. Put your creativity to the test to create a poster on the theme ‘Disability and the Law’. You may want to celebrate an important person in the legal sector or a key figure in the disability rights movement, highlight research on disability and the law or a significant moment in the law on disability rights. Use it to raise awareness of disability in law, advocate for change, or reflect on the current state of the law. Text, photos, images, art, creative writing – artistic expression is actively encouraged!

Neurodiversity and Creative Practices: A Workshop with Burong Zeng

Tuesday 5 December 2023, 11am – 1pm
This workshop draws attention to the role of creative practices such as creative writing and art in supporting people living with neurodiversity. In this interactive workshop, artist and writer Burong Zeng will share her experience of how to come to terms with her neurodiversity. She will introduce her art practices, explaining how neurodiversity has inspired her creative practices. The talk will be followed with a Q&A and some creative exercises.

Find a full list of events to get involved with for this year’s Disability Recognition Month celebrations.

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