Digital Core project timeline

August 4th, 2023

The Digital Core project team are working through several key areas to ensure we can all start using our new and improved HR, Finance and Procurement processes and system in 2024.

During the past year, the Digital Core project team have actively been engaged in configuring our new HR, Finance and Procurement system, which will enable us all to start working with the new processes. This system will replace many of the university’s dated legacy IT systems.

The project team have also been working closely with colleagues across the university to ensure the project’s aims can be achieved.

This includes offering staff improved HR, Finance and Procurement services though a modern and simple system; providing a single location for core processes, such as booking leave, accessing mandatory training, claiming expenses and making purchases; having a clear view of how the university is structured; keeping our data more secure in the face of new online threats; and better meeting our GDPR, HESA, EDI and statutory obligations.

We can expect to start using the new processes and system during May 2024. Previously this go-live date was anticipated as being during Q1, but this slightly revised timeline allows the project team to overcome two technical challenges:

  • Testing system integrations – running until the end of December 2023
    This testing will ensure our other existing IT systems will be able to continue to receive or send data to the new system (our integrations). The project team have been working over the past year to assess changes to ways of working, specify solutions, create documentation, and develop new data flows between the new system and our existing IT systems.
  • Checking and migrating data to the new system – running until May 2024
    The team will continue to work through a series of data checking and migration points, which will ensure data is in a more complete state when it is transferred into the new system.

The following key activities will also be completed ahead of the rollout:

  • Modelling what Digital Core will mean for each area – from September 2023
    The project team is committed to giving a clear understanding about how the new processes will work in practice for faculties and departments. They will work closely with each area and support teams through the changes.
  • Testing the new system – January 2024 to March 2024
    Comprehensive testing of the new system will take place during this time, and we will be seeking volunteers to help do this. This testing will give us all additional comfort in knowing that the new system works as it should.
  • Delivery of training – February 2024 to May 2024
    A variety of training will be offered to all staff during this time. Training plans will be shared with each area in the autumn.

The project’s progress will continue to be monitored closely. The project team are actively taking on board the lessons the university learnt from the rollout of Campus Solutions.

They are also continuing to work closely with other universities, and Oracle, to learn from their experiences of the new system and ensure this project is delivered in the best way possible for our staff.

For further information regarding the Digital Core project, please visit the SharePoint site or email

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