Digital Accessibility training courses: book now

April 19th, 2024

Sign up for University of Nottingham courses that offer support with creating accessible materials for teaching and learning.

All members of staff involved in creating teaching and learning materials are encouraged to attend the new Digital Accessibility training courses provided by Learning Technologies, within University of Nottingham Libraries.  

There are four courses available starting from Monday 29 April 2024 and running until July.

Each session is an hour long and covers a different element of creating accessible teaching and learning materials, including: 

After attending the courses, you will have the knowledge and resources you need to start creating more accessible teaching and learning materials.  

Why is Digital Accessibility important? 

Digital Accessibility is the principle and process of creating digital materials that are accessible and inclusive to as many people as possible.  

Making materials and systems accessible benefits everyone but it’s also an important university priority and legal requirement.  

The good news is that a handful of simple habits can make a big difference to the student experience. Find out how to get started by registering your place on the new courses today.  

More guidance and resources can be found on the Nottingham Accessibility Practices SharePoint site.  

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