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January 8th, 2018

A message from Jason Phoenix, Director of Service Delivery, Information Services:

As a large institution, the University of Nottingham will, from time to time, be targeted for malicious emails including spam, viruses, malware and phishing attacks. These emails can cause a lot of damage to University data but also could have significant personal impact, including financial consequences.

Please be vigilant – what to look out for

Spam emails could be received from a variety of email addresses. It is very important that you do not respond to these types of email and report any suspicious emails to the IT Service Desk.

Please do not open suspicious attachments or click on web links you suspect to be fraudulent as these may attempt to download documents containing malicious viruses.

Do not supply personal or bank details to people you do not know.

How to seek help and advice

If you are unsure about an email you have received or think you have downloaded a suspicious file, do not hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk or your local IT support team.

Some general advice to help avoid being caught by phishing attempts is as follows:

  • Never reply to emails asking for your personal details
  • Only open apps and attachments from trustworthy sources
  • Avoid sharing too much information on social media

Further information on how to spot a phishing attempt can be found on our phishing advice website.

You can also read more on our Digital Network blog.

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