Creating an Office 365 team in Microsoft Teams

April 21st, 2020

When creating a Team in Office 365 it is important to set the preferences to private.

All content in public Office 365 Teams or Groups can be viewed by anyone within the University (both students and staff). This includes files, conversations (spoken or written), videos, recordings of meetings etc. Additionally, anyone in the University can join your Team or Group and edit or delete the content.

This has significant implications for all participants as their personal data (names, faces, opinions) is being shared. To protect our professional confidentiality and support our increasing use of these O365 tools, please:

  • Change the security of the Team or Group to private as soon as you are able.
  • Review the membership of the Team or Group and remove anyone who has no need to access the data.

There are guides to change the security of a Team or Group, and assistance is available from the IT Service Desk if you have further questions.

Further advice on data protection and information security can be found here.


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