Could your expertise help our coverage of the Olympics?

July 8th, 2016

The External Relations team is compiling a list of experts to maximise coverage opportunities around the Rio Olympics.

We are looking for experts across a range of disciplines – not just sport related – who can provide interesting angles, blogs, analysis and tips. The media will be covering the Games 24/7 and looking for new angles and interesting research to talk about in between the headline events. Perhaps you could write a blog, give your expertise in an interview, provide top 10 tips for athletes or have a unique angle on the games and/or Brazil.

The following list, although not exhaustive, gives an idea of some of the angles media outlets are looking for.

  1. Sports historians
  2. Political scientists
  3. Economists
  4. Infectious diseases researchers with expertise in Zika, and various STIs
  5. Architecture + design researchers
  6. Data analysts/visualisation experts
  7. International relations scholars who study Brazil/South America
  8. Biomechanics experts
  9. Sports scientists
  10. Sports psychologists
  11. Nutrition experts who study elite athletes
  12. Researchers or research students in Rio who can blog from the ground
  13. Researchers who can provide images/videos of either the Games themselves, or of bodies in motion during sports performance, which I hope to use to create a series explaining optimal biomechanics for success in various sports
  14. Technology experts who can talk about the changing nature of the Games (with electronic judging etc.) as well as advances in areas such as the perfect fabric for swimwear

A webpage has been launched for alumni competitors and we intend to build on this with academic expertise and news.

If you can contribute then contact Liz Cass or your Faculty Media Relations Manager.

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