Christmas switch off: tips to save energy

December 18th, 2019

This Christmas, the University is again encouraging all staff to turn off as much equipment as possible over the holiday period to try and reduce our energy consumption.

During the Christmas closure period last year, energy use on campus rose from 68% (2017) to 72% (2018) and University Park alone consumed more than £112,000 worth of electricity.

As a result, we’re asking staff to think carefully about what equipment has to stay on and what can be switched off for the 12-day closure.

You can help the University to reduce energy costs as well as cut carbon emissions by:

  • Talking to your office/school/facilities manager to agree responsibilities for switching off lights and shared kitchen and office equipment (shredders, hot water boilers, microwaves etc.)
  • Surveying labs and workshops to identify what equipment can be switched off during the Christmas break. Un-used fume cupboards can waste huge amounts of energy, so where possible, make sure they are switched off. Remember that some equipment might affect other labs
  • Shutting all doors and windows
  • Reporting any dripping taps or jammed windows to the Estate Office Helpdesk
  • Switching off and unplugging any hot water boilers or water coolers. Put a notice on the boiler/cooler so that the first person back after the break knows to run off the water (approx. 10 mugs) before making a drink
  • If your office has a kitchen with a fridge-freezer, you can use the closure period to defrost it (to make it run more efficiently) and keep it off over the break. Put a notice on the fridge door so that others know
  • Check that no taps are left running.

Find out more about work the Sustainability Team are doing to combat waste and emissions and how you can get involved.

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