Changes for UK and Malaysia users of Academic Workcentre in Campus Solutions

September 23rd, 2020

A number of enhancements have been made to the Academic Workcentre to provide you with a better experience.

So that you can clearly see the association you have with students, you will now see a much wider range of associations:

  • Associations with individual students, such as personal tutor, PGR supervisor, project supervisor etc.
  • Associations with groups of students, such as Head of School, Programme Director, Exams Officer, DLO, Senior Tutor, PGT Director of Teaching etc.
  • Module and course groups for Module Conveners and Contributors

You can view your associations by selecting ‘My Students’ and clicking on one of the associations on the left (note that ‘ADCM’ is currently shown where you are a Module Convenor/Contributor).

These associations have been built through working closely with all Schools. Even where the association is built, a student may not be visible in the relevant view until they have completed online registration and online module enrolment.

The speed of the Academic Workcentre has also been improved. Associations and changes will be updated overnight to minimise processing time during the day.

You can now search for any student, not just students that you have an association with. Simply select ‘Search for students’ to search for a student in your respective country (UK or Malaysia):

  • If you do not have an association with a student, you will see their photo, student ID number, term-time contact details, email, their course, modules and advisors
  • If you have an association with a student, you will see more detailed information, including accommodations, study plans and home contact details

In addition, the tiles on the Academic Workcentre homepage have been given a new look to make them more intuitive.

If you want a more in-depth introduction to the changes, please watch the Academic Workcentre features video to find out how to use this new functionality.

Requesting support with Campus Solutions
If you see an incorrect population of students under ‘My Students’, please complete a view request form.

If a student is missing from your module or course list, ensure that the student has completed online registration and online module enrolment. Following action from students, timetables, class lists, email distribution lists and Moodle access will then be updated overnight. If you still cannot see the student, please contact your local Student Services team.

To report errors in curriculum data, contact your local Student Services team.

If you are unsure about how to view student information, view the Campus Solutions user guides and training that are available.

For any other problems please complete a support request form.

A list of all the common start-of-term issues, along with the latest numbers of affected students, is available on the Campus Solutions status page. This page is updated every day.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we work together to welcome our students and commence the new academic year.

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