Changes to academic promotions at the university

May 2nd, 2023

The university is refreshing its academic promotions paperwork in the next month to make the webpages and process more accessible and inclusive, reducing workload for applicants, Heads of Schools and Promotion Panels.  

If you are considering applying for promotion in the 23/24 round please wait until the beginning of June 2023 to start completing the application process. At this point, the website will be updated, and the new paperwork will be shared. 

At this point the following improvements to the process will have been made: 

  • Combining the pro-forma and CV into one application form 
  • Improved guidance for completing the application form 
  • Separate procedure documents for applicants, Heads of School, and Promotion Panel members 
  • Combining the criteria frameworks into one for all levels and contract types 
  • Streamlined Head of School statements 
  • New promotion webpages including videos and useful process maps

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