Changes in road use on University Park and Jubilee Campus – UPDATED Mon 26 Oct

September 23rd, 2020

A number of roads across the University estate are now pedestrianised to enhance the safety of staff and students.

The alterations enable social distancing measures and reduce numbers of people on pavements in busy areas. Staff and visitors should review how the closures and alternations might affect their journeys so they can plan accordingly. Road closures are applicable to all vehicles inclusive of staff cars, deliveries, and UoN fleet vehicles. Along with temporary hubs, and COVID testing centres being constructed at Visitor Car Parks, some parking is affected.

Changes on University Park
Coates Road 
is pedestrianised between 8.30am and 6pm. This increases the space for pedestrians and avoids large concentrations of staff and students in the areas around Coates Auditorium, Engineering Buildings, Biodiscovery Institute and routes to the Medical School.

All vehicular access to the parking and delivery bays adjacent to the Engineering Laboratories must enter from Science Road, no longer from the A52. Access to the tower is via the A52 exit, a new one way system is in place around the tower.

East Drive is closed to all vehicles from the junction with Portland Hill to the Trent Building. The road is a shared space for pedestrians and cyclists. The car park on the East side of the Trent building is closed and used for temporary structures.

Deliveries to the Porland building should use the service yard and delivery bays on Portland Hill. Deliveries to the Trent building should use the delivery bays in Trent Building’s western car park.

Cut Through Lane footpath is widened between Keighton Hill roundabout and Portland Hill. Cars and cyclists will still be able to travel through although bus stops will be closed. Bus users will be able to use the stops at East Drive and George Green Library.

Library Road is closed in one direction from Cut Through Lane towards the Downs (northerly direction) to enable sufficient space for safe queue management to Hallward Library.

For any further queries, a list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found below:

Q: How do I access and leave the Engineering car parks?
A: All vehicles should access Science Road.

Q: How do I access and leave the Tower car parks?
A: All vehicles should use the A52 exit and exit via a new route past Chemistry.

Q: Where is the exec parking at Trent?
A: Executive parking at Trent has moved to the Western car park.

Q: Does this block the accessible bus?
A: The UoN accessible bus will be allowed to enter the Coates Road and East Drive pedestrianised zones.

Q: Should I inform delivery drivers?
A: Yes, please make them aware of the alterations and inform them of dedicated delivery bays in the following locations; Portland Hill, Trent West Car Park, Between L3 and L4, Jubilee Atrium.

Q: I have deliveries arriving on Coates Road between 08:30 and 18:00:
A: Some deliveries to the Centre for Biomelcular Sciences are allowable during the hours of 8:30 to 6pm, all other Coates road deliveries should be before 8:30am, after this time drivers should be directed to the delivery bays between L3 and L4.

Q: Do these changes apply to UoN vehicles?
A: With the exception of the accessible mini-bus the road alterations apply to all UoN vehicles.

Q: Is Accessible Parking lost?
A: Some bays are lost which are proportional to the number of standard bays lost. If you are directly affected by the loss of a bay please contact Brendan Sexton.

Q: How do I access Newark and Southall Hall car park?
A: Enter the Jubilee Campus through the north gate and drive south to the car park.

Q: I am concerned by the lack of parking:
A: We will closely monitor the loss of parking, due to current government and university restrictions we expect the number of staff and visitors to be lower than normal for the coming months.

Q: Are cycle routes affected?
A: Cyclists can use pedestrianised cones on Coates Road and East Drive but should cycle slowly and with awareness and respect of pedestrians who have right of way. Space on the northbound carriageway has been factored in to allow cyclists to cycle north on Library Road and Spine Road. Cyclists can use Cut through Lane as normal.

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