Celebrating the diversity of our global university community all year round

March 15th, 2023

We have successfully delivered two UK diversity festivals alongside a series of well received UK equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) recognition months, all of which aim to embrace and celebrate difference.

We are now reviewing how we engage with our staff and students to celebrate the diversity of our global university community aligned with our People and Culture Strategic Delivery Plan.

Following feedback from those involved in these activities, we intend to reshape our diversity festival into a year-round series of global events and activities and to augment this with recognition months and other engagement events. This will enable us to provide a platform for more minority groups, spread activities throughout the year (making them easier to plan, deliver and attend) and enable us to engage with more staff and students and those who might not have engaged with our events previously.

People are our most important asset. Our vision is to create a safe and trusting space for open dialogue where staff and students can thrive in their roles and studies and an environment where everyone can contribute and be appreciated for who they are.

Celebration of recognition months will continue through 2022/2023. Event management, informal learning and development programmes are being developed for all levels of leader aligned with embedding our values. The global annual diversity programme will be announced through 2023/2024.

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