Celebrating biodiversity at the university

April 27th, 2022

Throughout May and June, the university is celebrating biodiversity and encouraging wildlife back into people’s lives.

There will be plenty of events taking place on our campuses through May and June, and we will be sharing tips and tricks you can do at home to increase biodiversity in your garden.

In addition, there are a whole new range of activities on the university’s sustainability app, Green Rewards, that people can complete to earn points and get rewarded.

Some initiatives taking place over the next few months that the university is involved in include:

No Mow May

Plantlife’s No Mow May campaign asks everyone to lock away lawn mowers and leave gardens and parks to bloom and go wild for a month. The less that grass is mown, the more pollinators it will attract.

You can join in by changing your mowing habits at home to benefit wildlife or by helping to conduct surveys of the area to establish the change in levels of wildlife before and after the campaign.

Hedgehog Awareness Week (1 – 7 May)

Over the past 20 years, hedgehog numbers in rural areas have plummeted by 50%, and in urban areas by 30%. In response to this, passionate members of the university community formed the UoN Hedgehog Friendly Campus Group.

They raise awareness of the plight of the hedgehog and are taking action across our campuses.

During Hedgehog Awareness Week, join the group on a litter pick on University Park or take part in their garden competition. Find more information about Hedgehog Awareness Week and the garden competition here.

Find a full list of events that celebrate biodiversity at the university on our Sustainability Webpages.

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