Campus Stars: Cripps Health Centre

August 12th, 2020

The Campus Stars campaign has been launched to showcase the colleagues still working on campus during the lockdown and highlight the crucial work they do.

During the pandemic, some buildings have been temporarily closed and so do not require the same level of cleaning. Most cleaning staff at Cripps Health Centre are isolating, so cleaners and other members of staff from various locations across campus have therefore volunteered to transfer to Cripps Health Centre as temporary replacements. They join permanent Cripps Health Centre cleaners Amy Wilson and Anna Sabota who have worked daily throughout the lockdown period.

The Cripps Health Centre during lockdown has included the following members of staff:

  • Loizos Kalopsidiotis, Cleaning Supervisor
  • Pat Wearmouth, Cleaning Supervisor
  • Juliana Brown, Senior Building Attendant
  • Glennis Leake, Cleaner
  • Pat McKeever, Cleaner
  • Cecilia Owusu, Cleaner
  • Deborah Brennan, Cleaner
  • Julie Lamb, Cleaner
  • Pamela Bradford, Cleaner
  • Ruth Duber, Cleaner
  • Patrick Ayodele, Cleaner
  • Anna Sabota, Cleaner
  • Amy Wilson, Cleaner

Working patterns have been adjusted to maintain social distancing, with some members of staff working mornings and others working evenings. Loizos and Pat and Juliana are keeping in touch with staff on a weekly basis to keep them informed of the ongoing situation and University updates. They have encouraged them to get in touch directly or via the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) if they need more help or support. Team spirits are kept high with ice cream breaks during the good weather and by celebrating team birthdays at the end of a shift.

Loizos has been spending free time cooking and eating healthily whilst also listening to music, weight training and completing online courses for career development. Loizos’ message to the University community is she hopes everyone is keeping safe and taking care of themselves and their families. In times like these, take the opportunity to reflect on our lives and appreciate each other. Keep physically and mentally healthy and active and challenge ourselves to get better as individuals and learn new things and skills and expand our horizons.

Julie has been enjoying spending time during lockdown in the garden and going on walks. She has also enjoyed eating curry, which is her favourite meal!

Pat McKeever has been enjoying spending time in her back garden and baking in her kitchen. She has worked at the University for more than 30 years and enjoys her role.

Pat Wearmouth has been relaxing at home, spending time with her daughter, and taking care of her dog and goldfish. Her message to the University community is she hopes everyone is safe and keeping well and hopefully we can return to normality soon. Pat has enjoyed coming in to work during lockdown and enjoys spending time with her colleagues.

Anna Sabota has enjoyed spending time with family during her spare time. Her favourite meals are salads and she enjoys eating healthily. Her favourite music is ABBA and she has also enjoyed reading books by David Mitchell. Her message to the University community is that these are difficult times and she hopes that everyone returns to work healthy and happy. Anna enjoys working for the University and finds everyone friendly and the atmosphere positive. She has enjoyed coming in to work during lockdown as it has kept her active and engaged.

Patrick Ayodele has been enjoying watching films, documentaries about Africa and reading. His message to the University community is that he hopes everyone is keeping well and hopefully things will return to normal soon. Patrick likes his job and enjoys working with the public. Customer service is important to Patrick and he has really enjoyed helping, interacting, and connecting with people.

Cecilia has enjoyed spending time at home during lockdown and has been cooking, watching African films and watching documentaries. Her favourite meal is fried rice and chicken with vegetables. Cecilia’s hopes everyone is safe and taking care of themselves and their families.

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