Campus Solutions implementation — go live rescheduled to April 2018

December 13th, 2017

Message from the project sponsor:

“We have taken the decision to postpone the expected January go live until April 2018. This is a difficult step, but a necessary one — and one which colleagues and I are convinced is required to ensure the successful completion of the project.

We carried out a Gateway Review in November, to assess the project’s readiness to go live. Colleagues in the project and in schools and departments worked hard to address these elements, and I want to thank them for their hard work and commitment. However, though significant progress has been made and we are in a much stronger position, we need to ensure we all have the fullest confidence to go live, reflect the hard work of colleagues at all levels across the institution, and launch the new system when users are fully ready to realise its benefits.

Our next available window to carry out the huge migration of data required to launch the new system after Christmas is Easter, leading to an April go live. This ensures that we have as little adverse impact as possible on student support and experience, and colleagues’ work. We will share more comprehensive timings in the new year, detailing when specific functionality within the system comes on line, and how this will affect staff and students.

I want to thank you for your support so far, and for your continued support over the coming months.”

Professor Sarah O’Hara

Sponsor, Project Transform

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December 15th, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Paul Matthews

We were originally told (in Sept 2015) that GoLive 3 would take place in Sept 2016.

In May 2016 we were told that it would be phased in over 2016-2017, and on 15th June 2016, it was announced that the remaining elements of GL3 for University of Nottingham UK would be launched in July-August 2017 and that implementation would then be “complete across all campuses”.

In Summer 2017 we were told to expect it to happen in January 2018, and now we learn that the go-live date has been postponed until April 2018.

Will there be another postponement announcement in March 2018?

December 15th, 2017 at 4:28 pm

Maria L hall

I can understand the frustration of colleagues brought on by yet another “volte face” from ProjTrans top dogs, especially as so many of us spent time away from work to train on CampSol in anticipation of the BIG CHANGE. BUT, fair dues, I think it was a very brave and honest move on their part. Respect for taking the risk of not getting a pressie from Santa.

If CS is still not ready by a long shot, instead of keeping it secret, at least now, to quote Mulder, “the truth is out there.” A bit anti-climactic but hey, now there’s no need to rush back in Jan to check out the new kit, right? (Might spend the New year in Ibiza after all).

Just one Q: If PT is still unready on the third attempt in April 2018, is there a Plan B?

(PS It’s a glitch.Keep the faith. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow… )

January 11th, 2018 at 8:36 am

Sun Yang

However, until now in UNNC, direct admission students for both undergrads and postgrads still have to use PDF paper-based application.

April 6th, 2018 at 10:34 am

Kate Woods

Any news?

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