Brexit update: Government outlines process for EU citizens seeking UK resident status

Continuing with the proviso that nothing is certain until everything is certain, the government has outlined a simplified scheme for EU nationals to secure residency in the UK following Brexit.

EU citizens living in the UK, and their family members, would apply online under the settlement scheme to obtain their new UK immigration status by completing three simple steps: prove their identity; show that they live in the UK; and declare that they have no serious criminal convictions.

The planned for the scheme would be £65, or £32.50 for a child under 16. EU citizens who already have permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain would be able to exchange it for settled status at no cost.

Those who have not yet lived in the UK for five years would be grantrd pre-settled status, and be able to apply for settled status once they reach the five-year point. From April 2019, this second application would be free of charge.

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