Black History Month planning committee

July 6th, 2020

A planning committee has been convened for this year’s Black History Month celebrations, with opportunities for another four members to join.

Black History Month is very close and work has begun to try to put together an effective programme of events that makes a difference to staff and students by celebrating Blackness.

If you are interested in shaping the University’s delivery of Black History Month events, please email Esther Mukuka.

Plans for Black History Month
Various events will be held by individual Schools, Teams and Departments and these will be co-ordinated by staff in that School or Department.

EDI Co-ordinators will work to support these events and anyone from the University can attend. The Students’ Union will also be delivering events, and all University Black History Month events will be publicised through a single website.

Two University-wide events will be held. The first will focus on ‘Black Joy’ and will include music, dance, art, poetry and food.

The other event is open and all suggestions are welcome – needless to say this has some urgency so please send your ideas to Esther as soon as possible.

Your contribution, input and feedback is extremely welcome – get in touch soon so that all views can be considered in the organisation of this celebration.

Chairs of the Sphere Programme Board, Amal Treacher Kabesh and Raheela Khan said: “We are very keen that Black History Month is one of several initiatives in tackling racism across the University and we are hoping that the events that will take place will contribute towards the positive change towards tackling systemic racism.”

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