Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance: apply for funding

February 2nd, 2024

The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance is inviting new applications to a fund encouraging further collaboration between the two universities.  

The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance Partnership Seed Fund is open to professional staff and to academics and researchers from across the university. 

Applications are invited from any area but priority will be given to given to proposals supporting the alliance’s mission: 

  • To increase the impact of our research 
  • Further opportunities for international collaboration 
  • Develop the next generation of students with a truly global mindset 

Priority will also be given to proposals aligning to the alliance’s research themes, which provide strategic focus in areas where each university has world-leading excellence: 

  • Global Food Systems – UoN Theme Lead Professor Ian Fisk 
  • Intelligent Health – UoN Theme Lead Dr Sally Eldeghaidy 
  • Sustainable Futures – UoN Theme Lead Dr Eleanor Binner 

Each theme draws on a research ecosystem enriched by the combined capabilities and infrastructure of the two universities and underlines our commitment to bring together transdisciplinary teams to tackle complex global challenges and train the research leaders of tomorrow. 

The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance builds on years of collaboration in research and education between the University of Adelaide and the University of Nottingham.  

Professor Robert Mokaya, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Global Engagement, said: “This strategic global partnership deepens our commitment to work together to address the challenges shared by Australia and the UK and our partners across the world. 

“The Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance will provide opportunities for our staff and students to enrich their experiences through joint teaching and learning initiatives here in the UK and in Australia. Such global partnerships also have the power to enhance our research excellence.” 

Find out more about the Adelaide-Nottingham Alliance and how to apply for funding

Deadline for applications: Sunday 10 March 2024 

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