Additional entrance opens for Jubilee campus

Staff and students travelling to Jubilee can now use a new entrance to the campus, accessible from Derby Road.

The ‘South Entrance’ opened on Wednesday 3 January 2018, and will help improve access to Jubilee from the south. Available for use by cyclists, pedestrians and drivers, the entrance is located next to the recently completed Advanced Manufacturing Building which fronts onto Derby Road.

This entrance improves pedestrian and cycle connections with University Park’s North Entrance by removing the need to travel through adjacent areas of housing or travel up Triumph Road. Staff and students are encouraged to use the new route.

The entrance also opens Jubilee campus to a wider audience — providing views into the campus that haven’t previously been available.

The South Entrance only provides an entry to Jubilee, and can’t be used as an exit point: People leaving the campus should continue to utilise the Triumph Road and Wollaton Road routes, as these have controlled connections with the main roads.

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