5,000 mentoring hours – University of Nottingham student volunteers support local young people.

December 11th, 2019

The volunteers have amassed more than 5000 hours working at the three IntoUniversity learning centres based in Hyson Green, St Ann’s and Broxtowe within the Nottingham area. The mentoring programme matches IntoUniversity students with university student volunteers, providing them with positive role models. The programme also gives the mentees the opportunity to develop their social skills, explore future options and improve their academic attainment.

The University of Nottingham is now in its eighth year of a very successful partnership with the national education charity, IntoUniversity, and mentoring is one of the core elements to this partnership. Students are recruited as mentors early in the academic year and then visit their IntoUniversity centre once a fortnight to meet with their mentee.

“The best thing about mentoring is building a relationship with a young person and knowing you are having an impact on them”

The young mentees benefit from the scheme in a range of ways with one mentee saying: “I take part in the mentoring programme because it helps me to learn more and I love the activities we do together.” But university students also have a lot to gain from the programme including softer skills and the opportunity to have a positive impact on the wider Nottingham community, with one student saying; “Mentoring is something that I could have done with when I was younger.”

Since the partnership began in 2011, IntoUniversity has worked with over 13,000 local young people in Nottingham. Students interested in taking part in the programme are encouraged to register their interest for next year’s programme here.

Staff can also get involved as IntoUniversity are looking for professionals to mentor students who are in their final year of studies, year 13. Staff who are interested in being a corporate mentor to one of these students are encouraged to learn more here.

On behalf of everyone at the University of Nottingham, we would like to thank and congratulate the IntoUniversity Student Mentors on their hard work in the programme.

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