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March 12th, 2013

Veteran political film-maker focuses on life of Boris

The BBC’s Michael Cockerell told the behind-the scenes story of the making of a new TV documentary about the Mayor of London Boris Johnson.

‘The Life of Boris Johnson’ was hosted by the School of Politics and International Relations.

Visit: http://tiny.cc/UoNPoliticsevents

Things to think about from Sir Paul Smith 

The fashion designer and entrepreneur Sir Paul Smith, who grew up in Beeston, is the latest guest speaker at a networking event hosted by the University’s Business School.

Sir Paul’s presentation, in the Sir Colin Campbell Building, Jubilee Campus, on Wednesday 20 March, is on the theme “Things to think about”.

The event, which is fully booked, is part of the Business Leaders Series, which are open to Business School and University alumni, students, and staff as well as visitors from business and industry.

These events are an opportunity to gain unique and inspiring insights into the careers of leaders in their fields and to meet people from the business and University communities. The events are free but all attendees need to register.

Visit: http://tiny.cc/UoNbusinessevents

Students share advice on security

Students braved wintry weather in order to help police spread crime-prevention advice during this year’s Dunkirk Week of Action.

Volunteers knocked on doors to pass on simple advice to help fewer people fall victim to burglary.

Students living off campus are being told to close all windows and lock all doors before going out, to put all laptops and valuables out of sight and use free services such as Smart Water, to mark their property so that it can be traced.

Melanie Futer, Manager Off-Campus Student Affairs, said “Most burglars are opportunists, and a third of student burglaries happen when homes have been left insecurely.

“By offering some simple advice, we can help more students to take responsibility for their possessions and make sure they don’t give burglars any chances.

“The Love Your Stuff crime prevention campaign has been a great success in the past, as shown by the decrease in the number of burglaries.

“This year we are once more spreading the crime prevention message by working closely with students and the police.”

Nottinghamshire Police are also urging students to register electrical items, including mobile phones and computers, on the Immobilse property database. This helps police reunite stolen items with their owners.

Author McGregor explores Lincolnshire

The Centre for Regional Literature and Culture is hosting Lincolnshire Landscapes, a day of talks and creative practice inspired by the landscape of Lincolnshire on Tuesday 16 April.

Speakers will include performance artist Mike Pearson of the University of Aberystwyth, visual artist Simon Read from Middlesex University, and author and honorary professor Jon McGregor and cultural geographer Sophie Hollinshead, both from The University of Nottingham.

Visit: http://tiny.cc/UoNLincslandscape


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